The Wexford Performing Arts program exemplifies the essence of a true ‘grass roots movement’. With no more than a performance space, a handful of willing artist educators and the desire to provide the Scarborough secondary school student population with an opportunity to express him or herself creatively some 19 years ago, a world class performing arts program was born!

Throughout the program’s history, students have had the opportunity to work alongside a passionate team of educators as well as professional associates in the international artistic and business communities. These opportunities, with the guidance of a dedicated leadership team have led many enrolled students and alumni to successful careers in the arts and beyond.

The team’s holistic approach to their respective crafts expands the horizons of every member of the company, providing an environment where students are encouraged to grow as performers and most importantly, as individuals.

Today the program hosts over 200 students spread across four core disciplines: Music, Drama, Dance and Technical Theatre.

At the outset, performing arts at Wexford consisted of one Music Theatre course, culminating in a musical theatre production at end of the school year. The evolution of the program, through the tenacity of the artistic team has seen the introduction of intensive programs including: Dance in 1999, Drama Focus in 2002 and Theatre Tech in 2003, earning Wexford a well deserved official school for the arts designation in 2005 by the Toronto District School Board.

Today, the Performing Arts season has grown to include a Drama Focus festival in the fall, a Seasonal Variety show in winter, a Second Semester Showcase and of course, the Spring Musical production.

Through this innovative program, students from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond are challenged to grow, while exploring their creative aspirations. Wexford’s Performing Arts program is a destination of choice for students hoping to develop themselves both artistically and personally.