Wexford Collegiate Institute School for the Arts, an outstanding school designated to deliver visual arts and performing arts at a professional level, provides a strong academic, athletic and technological program for all its students. Its safe and caring environment inspires life-long learning and desire for personal excellence.

Wexford’s Performing Arts Department offers an interdisciplinary performance-based program in Music, Drama and Dance. Our aim is two-fold:
(a) To engage students in meaningful education through self-discipline, self-expression, creativity, problem-solving and communication.
(b) To prepare students for post-secondary education and/or a professional career in the performing arts.

Students from grade 9 through 12 may enroll in one of two special programs, Music Theatre or Drama Focus.

Optional subjects in Music (Vocal, Instrumental, Stage Band), Dramatic Arts, and Dance (Performance or Comprehensive) are also offered. Each course is built on a professional model so that students may learn viable, practical performance skills. Professional enrichment is a key component of Wexford’s Performing Arts Programs. Guest artists provide workshops which enhance students’ learning and model pre-professional performance expectations.