Drama Focus

The Drama Focus program concentrates specifically on acting skills. Through scene study and presentation, students understand and master the art and craft of stage acting.

In each year, students may earn a double credit: one credit in Drama and one in either Music, Dance or Theatre Tech. In Grade 9 Drama Focus, emphasis is on voice (articulation and projection) and physical theatre (acting with the full body), while Global Theatre broadens awareness of different theatre forms. Improvisation, Laban’s Efforts, choral techniques and maskwork are used to explore and develop skills. In Grade 10, students continue to develop acting skills through different dramatic forms, scriptwork and scene study. By Grade 11 and 12, students are expected to perform and direct in-class and co-curricular productions as they gain a deeper understanding of modern acting styles. At every grade level, classes in music and dance help to broaden the performance skills of these young actors.In-class performances and the Drama Focus productions provide the venues in which students display an array of performance skills ranging from monologues and scenes to ensemble pieces.