With an emphasis on vocal tone and musical fundamentals in Grade 9, followed by choral work in Grade 10, students move on in Grade 11 to vocal arranging, composition, conducting and ear training. By Grade 12, students are ready to develop their skills in music appreciation. All students are given the opportunity to perform in productions and other public performances, utilizing and harmonizing the broad vocal literature of jazz, pop, rock, folk and classical music.

At the Grade 9 level, beginning and advanced students work together. Beginning students are introduced to the instruments of the Band where the emphasis is on performance and theory. Advanced Grade 9 students work to sharpen their basic theoretical and performance skills. In grade 10 students gain a thorough understanding of the elements, terminology and history of the language of music. By grade 11 students are ready to explore, analyze and evaluate a wide-ranging musical repertoire which includes baroque, classical, popular, Canadian and Non-Western music. Through regular after-school practices and stage performances, students are given the opportunity to enhance technical and presentation skills.

From Grade 11 to Grade 12, students progress in the theoretical and practical rudimentary skills integral to woodwind, reed, string, brass and percussion instruments. Through jazz improvisation, styling and techniques, students combine their individual talents in musical presentations, both on and off stage. Though geared toward the senior grades, Grade 10 students may participate if they successfully audition.