Check out ‘Unsung: Behind the Glee’ on TVO, Dec. 4th, 9pm

Check out ‘Unsung:  Behind the Glee’ airing on TVO Wednesday December 4th @ 9pm.

Doc Studio’s documentary, “Unsung: Behind the Glee” charts the compelling journey of two Toronto high school show choirs as they battle time, nerves and each other to create an award-winning routine for the Show Choir Nationals, Canada’s National High School Glee Club Championships.

The documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at two Toronto-based show choirs: “SPLASH” of the Etobicoke School of the Arts and the “Wexford Gleeks” of Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. The schools have a healthy glee club rivalry, as each of them has won before at the Show Choir Nationals. Both are striving for a repeat performance at the third annual competition in Toronto.

Students and teachers from both schools offer different perspectives on the process of rehearsals, as well as their own brand of attitude and unique stories with uncompromising candour. The students themselves must cope with the usual high school dramas of family, friends and relationships – with the added pressure of coming up with the most original and eye-catching routine to impress the judges. Hundreds of hours of preparations make for a very boisterous show choir family – one that is often complicated and emotional but ultimately sympathetic to the shared trials and tribulations of growing up outside of the norm.

‘The Real Glee’ on Global Television’s 16:9 – May 17th, 2013

Check out ‘The Real Glee‘ on Global Television’s 16:9 with Carolyn Jarvis.  Original air date May 17th, 2013.  See our media page for additional footage.

Gleek’s Featured on Global’s 16:9 – ‘The Real Glee’ Friday May 17th @ 10pm

See the Gleek’s profiled by Carolyn Jarvis of Global’s 16:9.  An inspirational story you won’t want to miss!  Global Television, 10 pm, Friday May 17th.  Click here for details


Gleeks to perform at the 2013 Scarborough Walk of Fame Celebration – May 15 @ 11 am


May 15, 2013 at 11am – Scarborough Town Centre, Centre Court – hosted by Deb McGrath & Colin Mochrie

Musical tribute by Scarborough’s Wexford Gleeks from the Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts performing the song recorded live in studio with the Barenaked Ladies and astronaut Chris Hadfield from space aboard the International Space Station.

I.S.S. from the Ontario Science Centre, Music Monday 2013

Inside Toronto Speaks Gleek!

Inside Toronto speaks with some of the Gleeks about their experience recording ‘I.S.S. – Is Somebody Singing?’ with the Barenaked Ladies and Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield. Click here to find out more!



Gleeks on CBC Radio 2 ‘Shift’, May 6th, 2013

Check out the Gleeks speaking with, and performing for Tom Allen on ‘SHIFT’, CBC Radio 2 – May 6th, 2013 – Music Monday!  Click here to listen!


 Hear the Michael Jackson / Les Mis Mash up here
Hear ‘I.S.S. Is Somebody Singing?’ written by The Barenaked Ladies & Chris Hadfield as performed by the Wexford Gleeks here


Gleeks on Canada AM, Music Monday – Watch!

Watch the Gleeks performance of ‘I.S.S. Is Somebody Singing?’ on Canada AM, Monday May 6th, 2013.  Click here to watch the video


Live to air pictures






Listen to the Gleeks Live to air on Music Monday on @ CBC

Listen to the Music Monday CBC Metro Morning interview with Ann Merriam, Artistic Director of the Wexford Performing Arts Program,  and the Gleeks sing the Music Monday arrangement of ‘I.S.S. Is Somebody Singing’.  Click here

Gleeks Rock the Skies with Chris from the I.S.S. May 6th @ 12:30pm!

Join the Gleeks on Monday May 6th via intergalactic webcast for Music Monday!  Click here to learn more!
At 1 pm Eastern Standard Time and at the exact same time across Canada (10 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Mountain Time, 12 p.m. Central Time, 2 p.m. Atlantic Time and 2:30 p.m. in Newfoundland and Labrador) schools and communities from coast to coast will be united by the Music Monday theme song, “ISS – Is Somebody Singing.