Glen Blair

The Wexford Performing Arts program and the people I met during my time there inspired me on so many levels. Wexford blessed me, in essence, with an extended family. At the time, it fostered a sense of self, of purpose and challenged me to grow not only as a performer, but as an individual. As I’ve come to realize later in life, Wexford continues to assist me as a professional and as a human being. For that, I am truly grateful.

Wexford taught me to trust in my abilities and in the unique abilities of others, to maintain my sense humour and humility in the face of adversity and to be gracious when the world perhaps wasn’t so much so.

Now in my mid 30’s, I look back and see evidence every day in my professional life as a manager of corporate education in the Toronto business community, the skills and resourcefulness Wexford offered as gifts to me. The incredible gifts of not ‘sweating through my shirt’ each time I have to stand up in front of a room of people to facilitate their learning; the ability to speak confidently when faced with the prospect of championing of unpopular ideas with my peer group; the ability to earnestly acknowledge and value the contributions of others; the openness to embrace my own creativity and most importantly, the underlying yet beautifully overwhelming feeling that I know I will always be okay, just as long as I remember to breathe through whatever comes my way.

By virtue of its very spirit, Wexford Performing Arts played a large part in inventing who I’ve become. A compassionate, artistic, thankful soul. All that from a high school course! Who knew? I’m so blessed to have been offered the chance to come to know this about myself by way of the unconditional generosity found in abundance within the artistic community that is Wexford.

Glen Blair, class of ’92
Professional Associate of Wexford Performing Arts