Wex gets new seats!

Audiences rave – now sitting in comfort!

Check out the new seats in the auditorium! Long time fans of WexPA
are loving the new seating and thank all those who made it possible!

A huge round of applause goes out to TDSB admin staff instrumental
in getting the project off the ground: Ms. Rauda Dickinson, our former
Superintendent; Ms. Nadira Persaud, our current Superintendent; and the
link-pin person who really enabled this project to all come together, the Chief
Facilities Officer for the TDSB, Mr. Angelos Bacopoulos. It was Angelos’s team
of tradesmen who did the front line work, installing everything, thank you!
These guys worked on weekends and through the Winter Break, to meet the tight timelines
that had been set.

The auditorium isn’t just for shows, during the school year this
is a classroom for the Performing Arts Department, and the guys did a great job
working around schedules to make things happen.
Thanks also goes out to Steve Messina and Ken McCloud who supervised and
assisted with the work!

Seat Sponsorship Program

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See the video of the incredible transformation!